LOGOS - LGBTQ Christians

We currently meet regularly in three cities of our country – Prague, Brno and Ostrava. The exact places and times of our meetings are specified on our website and through personal invitations.
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In Prague

  • Every 1st Sunday in a months (exl. during summer holidays) @ 2.30 pm
  • Parish House "U Jákobova žebříku", U Školské zahrady 1, Praha 8 – Kobylisy / map here
  • Ask for details and support (recommended): Tomáš Adámek, praha@logoscr.cz


In Brno

  • Every 2nd Sunday in a month @ 3 pm
  • YMCA, Kounicova 3, Brno / map here
  • Ask for details and support (recommended): Slávek Sohr, brno@logoscr.cz


In Ostrava

  • Every other Wednesday @ 7 pm
  • At a private place
  • Ask: Radek Šoustal, +420 608 247 760

Logos (Czech Republic), civic association
U Školské zahrady 1
Praha 8 – Kobylisy 182 00
IČO 62930915


Logos – Gay Christians 
in the Czech Republic

We are an ecumenical fellowship of gay and lesbian Christians and their friends, in which we share our faith in all its diverse manifestations, and try to support participation of our people in their home churches.

Our stance on homosexuality

We are not trying to “cure” sexual and emotional orientation of gays and lesbians. We believe that God accepts us as we are. In the spirit of the gospel of Christ we are trying to bridge the chasm that separates gay and lesbian people from God, and re-establish their severed relationship with Christian churches and religious communities. 

We have no ideology

We do not have any binding ideology, nor do we blindly succumb to external ideological influences. In our fellowship, some believe in the legitimacy of homosexual partnership, while others are not convinced about it, and still others sincerely pray in their helplessness to find answers. Our fellowship remains open to all these groups. 

Counselling and prayers at request

Visit us at www.LogosCR.cz/pastorace. Share with us your prayer requests. Our psychologists and ministers will be glad to advise you at Poradna@LogosCR.cz, by phone, or in person. 

Our felowship.

Open fellowship

We are an open fellowship which is not directly linked to any particular church and has no aspirations to become a church. We receive the greatest support from the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren, and have been meeting in one of its churches in the Kobylisy district 
of Prague since 1992. The majority of our people are Roman Catholics, but there are also believers from other communities (including the Jewish community), which gives our meetings their unique flavour and appeal. They are not intended only for gays and lesbians; sermons are usually delivered by heterosexual protestant clergy, and we warmly welcome all those who bring Christ’s love and not condemnation. We talk mostly Czech, but other languages and accents can be heard too, most of which are at least partly comprehensible or translated. 

Membership in Logos

You are welcome to support us with your membership. Anyone can become a member simply by completing a form. Membership does not involve any mandatory member contributions; our expenses are covered from the donations of individuals and regular collections during the meetings. 

We and the Church

We intentionally remain members of Christian churches and religious groups in which we acquired our faith, and we attend their worship services. We are confident that they already accept us regardless of our different orientation, so there is no reason to discuss it again and again. We hopefully expect dissipation of the remaining uncertainties, fear and prejudice. We seek participation in Holy Communion, and want to share fully in love and service of the Church. 

We diversify the church

We are convinced that homosexual believers, in their otherness, are an inseparable part of God’s people. We do not seek to establish a “dictatorship of the minority,” but an atmosphere of acceptance in our churches and general society. 

Minority within a minority

In a society which is mostly atheist and mostly heterosexual, we are a minority in more than one way. Among our co-believers we are the homosexual minority; among homosexuals we are the religious minority. We do not complain about our lot in life. Rather, we bear it with joy, because it gives our existence a special purpose. 

Family and lifestyle

We appreciate the values of the traditional family, and we cannot replace them with anything better, but seeing our sexual orientation, we do not feel the calling for this role. 
We appreciate parents, fathers and mothers, who are bringing up or have brought up their children and keep loving them regardless of their sexual orientation. We appreciate homosexual persons who live in a responsible partnership, in a selfless celibacy devoted to service, or in a sincere quest to be delivered from what they perceive in their lives as distorted, wrong and sinful. We appreciate same-sex couples who bring up children together in an environment of love and harmony. We appreciate sympathetic stances of churches and their representatives who, leaving aside the old prejudice, pronounce blessing upon homosexual couples. 

Christians for Prague Pride 2012

Solidarity with victims of persecution

We stand by homosexual people who in different parts of the world unjustly suffer because of their sexual orientation, and we remember them in our prayers. We want to follow the example of those who have the courage to publicly stand up against abuse and defend them whenever necessary.

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